Ducted Vacuum

Electron Vacuum Systems is Australia’s leading manufacturer of ducted vacuums. An Australian owned company, that has been manufacturing, installing, repairing and servicing ducted vacuum systems since 1981.

Why choose a home central vacuum system?

  • Less noise: Wall vacuum systems are significantly quieter than traditional portable models. Not only is the noise masked by the walls of your home, but ducted vacuums are built with better noise insulation technology.

  • More power: Home central vacuum systems are much more powerful than upright or portable models since size and weight are not a concern. This means better suction and a deeper clean.

  • Allergy relief: Traditional portable systems vent their exhaust, including excess dust and allergens, back into the room you’re cleaning. Central vacuumsvent the exhaust outside of living areas. This means much cleaner air in your living areas.

  • Convenience: No more lugging heavy, awkward vacuum cleaners all over your home. With a central vacuum system, you only handle the hose and wand.

  • Long lasting: Ducted systems are much longer lasting than hand-held models since they are built of sturdier, more durable materials.


Electron EVS 2606B

The EVS 2606B ducted vacuum system is suitable for homes, townhouses and apartments up to 30 squares with a maximum of 4 inlet points. Due to its compact design, the EVS 2606B is perfect for installation in garages with workbenches and low storage areas as the unit can be installed just below ceiling height.

Electron EVS 2707

All power units are Injected molded from high impact, high temperature ABS polycarbonate and polypropylene plastics. Such material provides greater strength and durability in the overall construction of the housing. It will not dent and will last a house time. Housings are both rust and corrosion proof, excellent for areas where there is excessive humidity and ideal for coastal area installations.

Electron EVS 2808

Ametek is one of the world's largest producers of vacuum/air moving motors for original equipment manufacturers (OEM's) in floor care, outdoor power equipment and household appliance markets. Recognised as the World Leader in Electric Motor Technology, Ametek has continually set the standards for engineering, design, testing and product excellence. It is with such criteria that we continue to choose Ametek to be the power plant for all our range of ducted vacuum systems.


Hose Management

Over the years, the number one complaint of ducted vacuum owners is, "Where do I store that bulky hose?"
In most cases, a hose hanger in a cupboard or other storage area is used.
However, if you want the ultimate convienance and time saving option, explore the retractable hose solutions that are now available.